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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 16, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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helps them retrieve their sn goods. a balance is robbed of a critical computer. how a bit of cyber sleuthing helps them retrieve their stolen goods. >> barely underway, and the new boeing fleet of 787s is grounded. the latest incident. >> i would be devastated if something were to happen to her. >> and a south bay toddler caught up in a tug of war between her mother and a would-be attacker. the physical description from police and the clue offered by mom. it was a high-tech crime that took some high-tech know-how to solve! a valuable
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computer was stolen from a guy area gallery over the christmas break. it wasn't just the computer's owner that ended up the ultimate victim. >> reporter: refer barbing through the window -- after butterbeaning through the window, it wasn't the artwork. >> raced in, grabbed the computer, raced back out. >> reporter: a computer that stored important information gathered over years. the owner hoped to get back the data remotely by launching a program that allows her access to the computer wherever it was. but the computer had to be online. >> so i checked it every couple of hours for days. >> reporter: midnight, two days after it was stolen, she found it. >> i could tell it was my computer. >> you knew exactly that this was your computer from work? >> uh-huh. >> because of these programs? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: she felt exhilarated and scared. >> it was a window into this
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world they was afraid to be in. >> reporter: she turned on the camera. >> i knew if someone was sitting there, i'd be able to see them. >> she could see this? what you were seeing ? >> reporter: the user panicked. she captured several photo s. the family is disguised because it turns out they were victims too. >> reporter: paid $800 for the computer at oakland's laney college flea market. stolen computers and other items end up here for sale. >> do you know it's a felony to sell stolen merchandise? >> all i know is that i work here. >> reporter: she e-mailed the pictures to the user and demanded she return the computer. it worked. >> she said she spent the morning crying because she was so upset about it. >> reporter: the family is out the $800 they paid for that stolen computer. the gallery owner offered to pay for half because he figured they were all victims. the family thanked them and said no thank you
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because they figured they learned a tough lesson. police say they don't have the resources to msht monitor what goes -- to monitor what goes on in those flea markets. it's boeing's most technologically advanced aircraft. but tonight too many problems have them all grounded. this is a 787 taking off from snow last week. the grounding follows a number of emergency land beings and other problems. cbs reporter randall pinkston on the issues turning the dreamliner into a bit of a nightmare. >> reporter: the faa ordered all boeing 787 dreamliners grounded in the u.s. while the agency investigates problems with the plane's lithium batteries. an emergency landing
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in western japan yesterday forced two carriers to ground their dreamliner fleet. one person was injured. of the the drew detected a burning smell 45 minutes into the flight, and their instruments showed a battery problem. burn marks were found after the landing. it's the latest in a string of problems for the new aircraft. fuel leaks and a cracked window grounded some 787 flights just this week, and another battery problem sparked a fire on an empty plane in boston. >> at this point, maybe i'd refrain until they worked some matters out. >> reporter: last week, the faa insisted the dreamliner was safe but announced it was looking into the plane's technology, design, and manufacturing. >> the key is to be able to understand what's going on with these aircraft, get them fixed, and make sure that if it's a design issue, make the appropriate change. >> reporter: boeing issued a statement late wednesday saying
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"we are confidence the 787 is safe, and we stand behind its integrity." a helicopter crash in the streets of central london had morning commuters running for their lives. the chopper clipped a crane atop a 50 story building and plummeted to the ground. it burst into flames in the middle. the morning rush hour. the pilot had more than 25 years experience working in films and law enforcement. he was killed. so was a person on the ground. the crane still dangling as authorities look for ways to safely dismantle it. president obama says he won't back down from a flight on his ambitious new gun control agenda. our exclusive survey usa rugbia poll found strong bay area support for his -- usa survey poll found strong bay area support.
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it's congress that needs convincing. >> reporter: with a stroke of a pen, president obama signed 23 executive orders combating gun violence. one directs the center for disease control to study gun violence. another helps young people get mental health treatment. >> if there's even one life that can be saved, then we've got an obligation to try. >> reporter: the president called for a ban on assault weapons and ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds. he also wants background checks for everyone buying a gun. >> and i'm calling on congress to pass some very specific proposals right away. >> reporter: children who wrote the president after the connecticut shooting were in the audience for the announcement. and so was she. >> i used to always tell her do good, and today the president did that. >> reporter: change will not happen without help from the
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public. she urged gun owners to support new gun laws. >> look past regulations, and then everybody feels better. >> reporter: the nra will fight most of the proposals but there is common ground when it comes to expanding background checks. >> background checks at the gun shows. and that was something we discussed years ago and said we didn't have a problem with that. >> phil: several lawmakers released statements saying they will oppose any new gun laws. >> a 10-year-old sister of one of the sandy hook shooting victims had some advice for the president today. >> what did you write about in that letter? >> i said that guns should not be able to buy, just to anybody. it should only be for people in the military or for police
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officers. but if peopleed to do it as a sport, they could go to, like, a range and then they'd have to leave the gun there. >> what do you hope comes of this? >> change. something needs to be fixed if this can happen. i don't know what that is because there's so many different variables. but we can make it better. >> the president said today that the children's voices should compel us to change. the attempted kidnapping of a 2-year-old girl has shaken a san jose neighborhood. tonight the suspect is still on the loose. kit doe is in san jose. how is the family doing tonight? >> reporter: they were understandably shaken up at the time, but it looks like they'll be all right. now the mom tells police the way the guy was acting at the time made her immediately suspicious and uncomfortable. take a good look at one of the boldest and most
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brazen would-be kidnappers. he had a scruffy beard and smelled like motor oil. >> he's really putting lives on the line. as a parent i don't know what my response would be, but i don't know if i would be kind to that person. >> reporter: the man saw a little girl playing in the front yard of her home. she knelt down and commented on how her eyes and hair were beautiful, and then grabbed her. the mom responded. >> her shoes had fallen off. >> reporter: her baby sister and mom broke free and ran into the house. the attacker took off running down the street. >> that's my baby sister. i love her to death. i would be devastated if something were to happen to her. i'm just happy
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nothing dead. >> reporter: a neighbor says his kids play in the same yard. >> what would you do? >> oh, gosh . god help me, i really have no idea. i think it would take a lot of luck on his part for me to show restraint. >> reporter: and the support is described as hispanic, 5'6", late 20s to early thirds, and medium build. a family in concord has reached a $150,000 settlement with the brentwood school district after their special needs son was thrown to the ground and kicked by his teacher. >> i still live with the fact that he went to school two days alone back to her after she did
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that to him. >> this happened back in 2010. the teacher, deana hold er, was convicted of misdemeanor child abuse. the family's attorney says it could have been prevented had the district acted on a long list of prior complaints about her behavior. checking out bay area headlines, the family of san jose's first homicide victim of the year is appealing for answers. 34-year-old ivan segura was found shot to death outside a house on trippoly avenue saturday. >> i have a daughter, 5-year-old, and she's asking for him, and i don't know how to answer. from my heart, my sister's heart, from my little niece, we want to have an answer. >> police have no suspects and few clues. there is a $1,000 reward for any relevant
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information. and two suspects are in custody after trying to rob a jewelry store in menloe park. a group of four men hit the plaza jewelers on midfield road around noon. they took off in a white sedan, crashed first into a car and then into a pore pole fleeing police. gunmen stormed a natural gas complex deep in the desert of algeria, taking dozens hostage. the militants claim the raid is in response to algeria's support of france's military operation against islamic firsts in malives. we don't know the -- mali. we don't know the condition of the hostages. and tonight, the algerian army has the complex surround the. remember the heartbreaking story of the college linebacker
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and his dying girlfriend? that story has engulfed and embarrassed notre dame and its near perfect season. >> and another jair code split for the bay -- area code split for the bay area. >> san francisco's got one 5, as in 15% of our average rainfall for january. when is the rain coming back? ,,,,,,,,,,
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story that captivated the all-star kind of a sad new twist on a love story that captivated the country. an all-star college football player and his cancer-stricken girlfriend.
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tonight it appears her tragic death was actually a well-orchestrated hoax. at his expense! juan fernandez reports. >> every letter she sent me, be humble, be gracious, and always remember that i love you. >> reporter: it was the inspirational story of the college football season, manti te'o talking about the death of his girlfriend. four months after her death, it turns out she never existed. a 3-year online relationship, reports of a courageous battle with leukemia, all a hoax. the news brought to life by the website, >> we called all of the funeral homes where several sources reported she had been buried. they had no information on it. and this really told us that there's something really going on here. >> reporter: the story doesn't
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stop there. deadspin says the woman believed to be his girlfriend is really a young woman from torrance with no connection to the football star at all. >> and we found her actual alive, and never met manti te'o person. and that opened everything up. >> reporter: his story, even heartbreaking to notre dame's athletic director. >> there's a lot of tragedy here, there's a lot of sorrow. but the thing i am must sad about is -- sorry. >> reporter: who was she? she was all made up. a story sources say was concocted by te'o's longtime friend. he released a statement saying "to realize i was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and assistant lies was and is -- constant lies was and is
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painful and humiliating." the bay area on the verge of getting yet another area code! options are being considered on how to deal with the diminishing 415 numbers in marin, san francisco, and san mateo. bay area natives don't want to hang up on the 415! >> reporter: so much us have cellphones now that 92% of the 415 prefixes have all been used up. so get ready for 628! this story has turned 415 into a brand and business. but the area code for san francisco, most of marin county, and mart of san mateo is expected to run out of numbers by october 2015. >> i don't think it'll ever fully go away, but i think it'll make us in a way more popular. everybody is going to still want that piece of 415! >> reporter: the california puc
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held its first meetings today to ask the public what it thinks of a new area code. it can split the region so one part keeps 415, and the rest current for those phones would change to 628. no one knows where the split would happen. or it can go with an overlay. the overlay would mean local calls in both area codes would require you to dial 1 plus the 10-digit number. some san franciscos say they want to keep -- san franciscans say they want to keep the old 415. >> nobody wants to dial more numbers. nobody wants to -- they want to keep their number the same. and if you have -- if you make a mistake, you have to dial the first number, and then the next number, and you have so many numbers that you have to dial, it's confusing. >> reporter: santa clara just
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went through an overlay of 66 nine. the puc is expected to make its final decision by the end of the year. there's still more time to speak out about it. there are two meetings at the san raphael council which i am bers tomorrow. look like kind of a breeze tonight. >> it's chilly. we're not going to be 25 or 30, but it's not warm the at night. it is january! the nights are long, and it's going to be chilly once again tonight. we are trending upward though, temperature-wise. and many. you will spend next week in the low to mid-60s. of concord right now, 36. santa rosa, 36, but the humidity level has increased. san francisco, the warm spot at 49. lows down to freezing for concord, san francisco likely staying in the
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40s tonight. pacifica, 43. and san jose dropping down to 36. no rain dropping from the sky. cbs 5 doppler is mainly dry. a huge ridge of high pressure, there's been one somewhere over the country over the past month or so, but it hasn't been over the top of us. that's changing. the high is centered very close to us. that'll keep air quality iffy over the next couple days but it will allow the atmosphere to warm up a little more every day. and many of you will likely hit the 60s in the south bay tomorrow. rest of us getting into the 60s over the weekend and staying there well into next week. if you like sunshine, it's your kind of forecast. nights will be clear though. things will be chilly at night. we'll level off in the low 60s, and that poor air quality will stick around into next week. sunnyvale, are 64,
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hayward, 62. antioch and pittsburgh, 58 for you. downtown san francisco, 57. oakland, 59. sonoma, 59, and petaluma, 59 tomorrow. look at all that sunshine through the weekend! low 60s, friday, saturday, sunday. and next week looking dry and mild as well. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that their kids receive tooy vaccines: today the institute of sed the most advice for parents worried that their kids receive too many vaccines. the institute of medicine released the most comprehensive examination of the vaccine schedule to date. they found no evidence this schedule is linked to health problems such as autoimmune diseases, asthma, or add. in fact, researchers say spreading out the schedule can put kids at risk for vaccine preventible diseases. energy drinks are landing more and more people in the emergency room. er visits have doubled in the last four years from 10,000 to 20,000. 18-25 year-olds were the most common age group to need emergency treatment. doctors say those high doses of caffeine and other
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additives can cause a number of reactions. >> the first question i ask when i see a young person with a rapid heart beat and anxiety, have you taken any energy drinks? >> the american beverage association is criticizing this report saying many of those who end up in the er are also consuming alcohol or drugs. the fda is investigating the safety of energy drinks after a number of deaths were linked to them. one of the greatest finishes of the year tonight in college hoops! and it happened to a local team. and lebron made history tonight ,,
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from becoming the youngest
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play 20,000 poitns lebron james came into orically tonight, 18 -- oracle tonight 18 points away from becoming the youngest player ever to get 20,000 points. >> congratulations on 20,000. next game, man! come on! [ laughter ] >> steph curry sat out tonight's game. >> again? >> again, ken . there's lebron. give them 20 thousand ,001 career points. youngest ever to reach that level! he blew out the warriors, 92-75. curry's ankles scary. st. mary's at byu. matthew for the win . oh! you cannot be serious! duy's first loss of the year. the 49ers return to the practice field for the first time since their win over the packers. jim harbaugh redecorated the locker room with pictures of players from the high school days. >> we were laughing because
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everybody was traveling around the whole locker room looking at who was who. i laughed at randy moss. i think it was 1980? that picture was black and white. >> i heard that randy moss's picture, he was wearing angel flights. [ laughter ] >> leisure suit, the whole bit. >> good idea ! ,, you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet


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